Toggle Button freezes Ableton 6.0.7 (OSX)


After adding a toggle button to the editor for the sample OSX VST plugin project, I loaded it successfully into Ableton 6.0.7 on OSX 10.4.11.

At first it appeared to be working perfectly. Clicking the toggle button in my new VST’s editor window appears to behave correctly. The intended parameter is updated. And moving the slider in the plugin’s editor window also works correctly.

Unfortunately, when I then “unfold” Ableton’s built-in generic parameter editor thingamajig (at the bottom) and begin moving the sliders in there around to edit parameters that way, Ableton hangs!!!

I’m probably missing something really obvious. From my “updateParametersFromFilter()” function in the editor class, I’m calling “setToggleState(newValue, false)” so that no update message is sent by the toggle button. Still-- it makes Ableton completely freeze. Simply commenting out this line of code stops the hang. BTW-- the slider updates correctly and does not hang Ableton.

Please don’t tell me I can only use sliders in my VST :wink:

I apologize if this was already covered in another thread. Read through the first couple of pages and nothing jumped out at me…


are you sure you aren’t just creating an unterminated event loop[1]?

[1] event 1s handler does something that triggers handler #2 that does something that triggers handler #1 that does something that …


If that were the case then the freeze would also happen with the slider that was already in the sample project because everything I added for the toggle button is exactly analogous to the code that was already there for the slider…