Unexpected behavior of AudioParameterTutorial in Ableton Live 10

Hello !
I have compiled the AudioParameterTurorial with VS17 (therefore I’m on Windows :astonished:) as a VST 2 plugin. I launched it in Ableton Live and it seems the plugin has a problem.

When I draw an automation and press play, the automation begins but at a point, the automation is bypassed and the gain does not move anymore.

More details :

  • this does not happen with other 3rd party plugins
  • this seems to happen on sudden changes in the automation
  • I think this happens only when the plugin window is open

I don’t know if this is a bug but at least it’s quite strange

Sounds like the same problem that I have in Studio One 3. Automation in Studio One

Yes indeed, sorry I did not see your post.

No problem! I hope that someone knows a solution.

I’m sorry if this is rude (and I hope this is not) but I think it’s a problem so I am just going to up this topic.

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This is a bug in the example code; the GUI was updating the parameter value (as well as the GUI) which confuses the host.

I’ll get it fixed now, but it will take 24 hours or so for our website’s CDN to be updated with the new content.

Thank you for reporting!