Automation in Studio One

Hi guys,

I downloaded the zip from this tutorial:

I encounter a problem with automation in Studio One V3.5.6.46910 on OSX.
When I draw a simple automation line (from 0 to 1) in Studio One, the automation is not being passed correctly to the plugin. Often, in the middle of that line automation, the automation stops. Then, no automation updates will be send to the plugin until the transport stops playing.
This does not happen with non-juce plugins like NI Massive.

Have anyone else experienced this issue?


Sorry, this bug report slipped though the net. Thank you for reporting!

I still can’t figure out why automation in studio one is not working properly for me.
The genericaudioeditor is working fine but my own code does not work.

For testing, I have disabled any communication from my GUI to the automation system. I just wanted to see the automation from the host updating my GUI.
I tried to print out the value to the console when parameterValueChanged is called to my juce::AudioProcessorParameter::Listener. It seems that the value is not being updated during automation. It is only updated when I stop the transport or move the transport position.

Update: I finally figured out why automation in studio one and ableton wasn’t working fine. When setValueNotifyingHost is being called while studio one is automating the parameter, studio one will stop with automating the value. I am using a valuetree for all data, including parameter data. The tree is updated with a timer. The parameter is updated when the tree is updated and so is the GUI. So, the parameter probably gets an update because the tree gets an update. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there any good solution for this?