Tons of compile errors on audio plugin project

On compile of my audio plugin project im getting tons of errors and dont know what im doing wrong. Heres a screenshot

Update - Updated it to vst3 sdk instead of regular vst2 and notw it says this

Added JUCE_VST3_CAN_REPLACE_VST2=0 to the definitions now the errors are back again

Have a look at this thread:

I took a look at it and made sure everything was good, still getting tons and tons of errors. Here is a video of me setting up the project and everything and still got tons.

Cool, I can’t read anything in that video with 360p but it seems you removed the VST3 path as advised.
Can you add a screenshot with the first error? In C++ you can usually ignore any following errors, once the compiler tripped over something, it is quite common to throw red herrings afterwards…

Sorry about the low res, vid was still processing and is done processing now to full 1080p. Here is the first error and also an attached log file.

Alright, looking at that line, it is where the PluginChannelLayout ends up.
I never use that, since it is only provided for legacy reasons, but it should work…

Can you post, what you put into that field?

I checked the channel configurations and i had one there that i removed. Removing it completely fixed the errors and i was able to compile it. Thank you very much for the help I dont know what i woudlve done without it. :slight_smile:

Great, glad I could help :slight_smile: