I can't compile the "Plugin Host"s demo

Hi all
I just downloaded the Juce 4.3.0.
I can’t compile the “Plugin Host”, because of the error "cannot open source file “base/source/baseiids.cpp”, and other 25 .cpp files.
I am compiling it with VisualStudio 13

Has anyone experiencing the same problem ?

Any advice please?


This means that you are compiling with vst3 support but don’t have the vst SDK from Steinberg. You have two options: disable vst3 support by clicking on the juce_audio_processors module in the projucer (under the config tab) and disabling vst3. This will only give you vst2 support (no SDK needed for this). Or you install the vst3 SDK and select the vst 3 SDK folder in projucer’s global preferences. You’ll need to re-save the Plugin hosts jucer file in both cases.

Thanks a lot for your answer Fabian.
I already have the vst3 SDK from Steinberg, but I didn’t know where is the place where I must define the vst 3 SDK folder.
I could not think that it is hidden in the global preferences of projucer.

Thanks again


Hi guys, new user. I have a little C++ experience and a DAW user of old. Trying to take it all a little further.

I don’t want to start a new thread so while you’re there Fabian…

I downloaded JUCE and SSDK as per instructions.

New Gui Project using Codeblocks, and I’m getting these build errors…

C:\Users\User\juce-grapefruit-windows\JUCE\modules\juce_audio_basics\buffers\juce_AudioChannelSet.cpp|25|error: ‘AudioChannelSet’ does not name a type|

Thanks in advance.

Just to bump my own post in case it gets missed. Maybe I should have started a new thread!

my n00b decided to download Visual Studio 2015 last night in an effort to solve my own problem. Two hours later reboot and .NET 4.6 has not installed properly please fix it. Repair job another 2 hours, reboot and .NET 4.6 has not installed properly Arghhhh!!! Uninstalled VS and about 300 SQL packages so another hour.

rm -rf /