Can you make the “setStyle” member of “ToolbarItemComponent” virtual so I can override it for some Toolbar Buttons.

yes, I don’t see why not. Consider it done.

thanks a lot

When I give an image to PopUp it draws the image no matter what “isTicked” state is.
For PopUp and ToolBarButton can’t we have a default “ticked, toggled” image generated from the default image? (Or how can I generate myself?)

That’d be a bit pointless - you’d have to supply both images to the popup anyway, and tell it whether it’s ticked, so it’d be just as easy to only give it the image you want it to show.

I mean when I give an image to PopUp or ToolbarButton, it should autogenerate the “Down” image from the given normal image. How can I add this functionality to Popup?

Sorry, when you said popup, I assumed you were talking about popup menus?