TooltipWindow displaying on wrong plugin instance (resolved)


I’m having an issue where a TooltipWindow can sometimes be shown on the wrong instance of a plugin if I have multiple instances open. Typically hovering over a component on the 2nd opened instance will display the tooltip on the 1st opened instance.

I believe I’m using the Juce TooltipWindow as per the recommendations by creating it with a SharedResourcePointer as follows
SharedResourcePointer<juce::TooltipWindow> tooltip_window;

I am then simply doing an addAndMakeVisible in the constructor of my top level component for it and a setTooltip on a slider. I’ve tried this in a fresh project.

Have I misunderstood how I should be using this class?


My guess is that this is the reason, and that you should not add it as a child of your component (as it is shared between the different plugins instances).
Don’t set it any parent, it will be on the desktop.

That’s solved it, thank you.