Duplicate TooltipWindow's when multiple plugin UI's are open

We’ve had a lot of trouble getting tooltips to work well in JUCE, but as of JUCE v5.4.0, we’d solved all our issues or at least found reasonable workarounds (for reference, here are some of the issues: DropShadower artifacts when transformed, TooltipWindow scaling issue in Windows High-DPI plug-in).

In JUCE v5.4.3, we’re now encountering an issue where duplicate tooltips are shown in each open UI when multiple instances of the same plugin UI are open. The TooltipWindow is attached to the editor in each plugin, so AFAIK, SharedResourcePointer isn’t applicable here.

The issue only seems to happen with VST (on both Windows and Mac) and did not occur in JUCE v5.4.0. Any ideas what might have changed or how to fix it?

The only change to the class recently was this commit which was fixing an issue posted here. Does reverting that commit solve the issue?

Thanks for your quick reply. We tried building on the head of JUCE master with that commit reverted, and our issue was fixed for both Mac and Windows.

Can you see if this commit fixes your issue?

Yes, that commit fixes it! Thanks!

Looks like the issue is back again in VST and AAX in the latest JUCE. The bug seems to have returned in this commit: https://github.com/WeAreROLI/JUCE/commit/6f52fc575852db22946aaa0c8a8f11374714f928

That should have been fixed in the commit that I posted above? I can’t reproduce this on the latest tip of develop - I’ve built the AudioPluginDemo example with a TooltopWindow member of the editor like so:

TooltipWindow ttw { this, 200 };

and then set the tooltip of one of the sliders but I’m only seeing a single tooltip window when I open multiple instances of the VST in the AudioPluginHost.

Ah, looks like it’s fine on develop but not the latest JUCE master. Do you know which commit(s) on develop would have been related?

This hasn’t made its way onto master yet and should contain the fix.

Perfect, thanks!