Total beginner... C++ audio software not working with an external sound card / hardware (ASIO). Will JUCE be a SOLUTION?


 I have a custom software programmed with C++. It steers audio signals accessing to the normal Windows mixer. It works now only with a standard integrated sound card. I cannot make it work with an external sound card/audiostation (FIREFACE UC RME, USB)

My guess is that the software does not support ASIO drivers (Audio Stream Input/Output). The system is Windows XP. Would JUCE be the solution for this problem?

I would be grateful for your advice.


there doesn't seem to be much about the drivers on the web, but it looks as though the device supports ASIO on the PC (which makes sense given their latency claims) and since the mixer can't see it probably not other Windows drivers. Since ASIO bypasses the Windows audio system you are correct in assuming tht you need to do something special.

You can indeed use Juce to drive an ASIO device, but you have to download and enable the ASIO SDK from Steinberg.  However, since using the ASIO SDK is about the same difficulty level as using the Juce audio manager, I would suggest trying that first, paticulary because you won't (almost by definition) be using ASIO in multiple platforms.

The Steinberg ASIO SDK can be downloaded free of charge from