ASIO SDK & JUCE Libraries are compatibles?

Hi community,

Does somebody have any experience in developing an ASIO driver (Not a host ASIO interface as Juce just has). I mean to do an ASIO driver joining ASIO SDK 2.3 with JUCE libs?

Are they compatible?

I've started to prepare a Jucer project (VS2012) with ASIO SDK references and the first thing I found was that the DEBUG preprocessor define that Jucer generates in debug mode is not compatible with ASIO SDK. So after a day spent in finding out waht happened, I managed to compatibilize this issue indicating that all the ASIOS's .cpp modules were undefined the DEBUG definition by the VS project properties.

The second thing was trying to show a JUCE DialogWindow when the controlPanel() member of AsioDriver class were called. First of all, the DialogWindow was to be called modal (The ASIO host i'm using is the Juce's PluginHost app). Then, when the app is closed in debug mode, a lot of leaked juce objects were left in the memory (see my last post).

To sum up, I would like to use the powerfull features of Juce library to carry on with my ASIO driver project. But I am afraid that there would be more hidden and subtle incompatibilities that, TBH, I don't master and they make me to waste time in finding out what happens.

So, if somebody have any prior experience, I appreciate that share it with me. On the other hand, Jules, if you know something about ASIO drivers SDK compatibility, please help me.

I'm afraid that I don't know anything about what limitations might be imposed on driver code, so really can't help you there!