Track Output

I am trying to create some options for the track output.
Let’s say that I have

Output 1 + 2 ( stereo L,R)

I use

te::AudioTrack* audiotrack = (te::AudioTrack*)track.get();

TrackOutput& to = audiotrack->getOutput();

to.setOutputByName("Output 1 + 2");

and it works.

But if I want to set track output to “Output 1” or “Output 2” , how can I do?


The name needs to match the name of one of your traction_engine::OutputDevices (probably your WaveOutputDevice).

So that will need to be a mono output if you only want to send it to a single channel. I.e. WaveOutputDevice::setStereoPair

Ok but changing from stereo to mono for that wave out device, another track cannot use the previous “Output 1+2”, right ?

Correct. This might be possible one day when we add a way to describe your own outputs but for the moment the only option is to have stereo pairs or mono channel outputs.

thank you!