Tracktion Engine doesn't compile

Hi, I’ve just created a new project in projucer and included Tracktion engine, but trying to compile in xcode (without writing any line of code) gives me these errors:
"cannot initialize return object of type ‘tracktion_engine::Selectable**’ with an rvalue of type ‘tracktion_engine::Selectableconst’ "
“binding value of type ‘const tracktion_engine::MidiMessageArray::MidiMessageWithSource’ drops ‘const’ qualifier”

Why these errors?

I wish I could be of assistance, but I’m encountering the exact same issue, but with VC++ 2017. :frowning:

I used git with recursion for the initial download, I’m able to fully build projucer and examples, etc.

I also created a new “clean” gui app, added the tracktion module, which then imported the additional libraries, but I get the same stream of errors right after that. I’d hate to find out this is some simple deal because I’ve tried multiple times across three days with no luck.

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It appears those errors may have been corrected in the development branch on github so that might be the best next step for both of us.


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Really thank you for your reply! We can only wait :slight_smile:

You can actually get the dev branch if needed via git. Use this and put it in a diff folder (make sure your other Juce/tracktion folders are not in your path to avoid conflicts.

git clone --recurse-submodules --branch develop

Really really thankYou!! :pray:

I have just merged develop into master so the build errors on the master branch are now fixed. I’ve also updated the build status icons to point to our new continuous integration server so I should be more aware when things go wrong in future.

I’ll try and increase the frequency of merging to master to be whenever we do a public release of Waveform.


Really Thank you for support! :slight_smile: