Using Projucer Live Builds with Tracktion Engine module

I’m trying to use Projucer Live Builds for fast UI iterations. I also have Tracktion Engine as one of the Juce modules included to the project. But for some reason I always get this compile error “use of undeclared identifier tracktion_engine” and “expected class name”. I only get this errors in Projucer, building project in IDE works fine. I looked at example projects for Tracktion Engine and all 3 of them have same issue. Is anybody faced similar issues?

It looks like the live build isn’t finding the declaration which means it probably isn’t including the Tracktion Engine module correctly.

You shouldn’t need to manually include tracktion_engine/tracktion_engine.h, does simply including <JuecHeader.h> fix things?

Are you sure you’ve added the Tracktion Engine module to your PJ project correctly?

I think I’ve added it correctly.

JuceHeader.h shows that it’s already included. I tried using both #include “JuceHeader.h” and #include “…/JuceLibraryCode/JuceHeader.h” but getting same result.

Am I missing something else?

I moved on. Now use Juce’s macro JUCE_LIVE_CONSTANT. Does pretty much everything I want.

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