Tracktion Engine Update: Engine in plugin

Over the last few weeks @dave96 and I have made some changes to the Tracktion Engine so it is now usable from a plugin.

  • All singletons were removed so multiple instances can be created without issues
  • Added support or MIDI out
  • Sync engine playhead to DAW playhead
  • One input can now be assigned to multiple tracks
  • EngineInPlugin demo updated. It now has two tracks, with the MIDI input assigned to both. Track was has a 4OSC synth routed to audio out. Track 2 passes the input MIDI directly to the output.

The only thing I’m aware of that isn’t supported is using control surfaces to control a plugin. I don’t currently have plans to support it, but if you have a use case for it, please let me know and we can discuss how it should be implemented.


Thank you for adding and maintaining examples. They help a lot to understand how engine works.

Thanks for updating this. Very helpful.