Tracktion Playlist

Hi, new user here.

Just looking for a way to implement multitrack song, as a playlist or set list. If there’s a chance someone could help me from going down a rabbit hole?

The use case is there is one to many playlists, each playlist has one to many songs, and the song has one to many audio files.

At a high level I can think of two ways to do this

  1. There is a master list of edits, where each edit (song) has multiple audio/midi tracks. Which would be a require loading edits sequentially in order to operate in a sequence like a playlist. And ideally there is the ability for more than one playlist (master list of ordered Edits (songs).

  2. A single edit that has each "song "as a group of multitrack audio files, which then somehow need to be staggered across the timeline to form a playlist.

Any thoughts appreciated

Both of those approaches would work.
Can I ask what the use-case is so maybe I can advise better?

(2) Has the advantage that you’ll be able to from start the finish but it’s not that easy to work on an Edit that has multiple songs in it (the master effects and volume will affect all the tracks for example).

Thanks Dave, much appreciated for all your work on this codebase also! Quite amazing.

I’m making a specialised live set player for a band’s backing track and performance. It has features outside of Juce/Tracktion, but for the Audio/Midi part, the use case is to create setlists, of multiple songs, each with multiple tracks and outputs. These are then controlled with standard transport functions as needed, to play one song at a time in setlist order (next, previous, also). Each song having many tracks, potentially assigned to different outputs.

I think it really depends on how many plugins you have in total across all the songs and how long they take to load then. For me, keeping the songs separate would be preferable but if you have to wait for all the plugins to load between songs that could be a deal-breaker.

Thanks Dave, yes I think I can get away with just standard track functionality, and not need plugins. So I’ll try the separate edit/song route.