Transparent AnimatedAppComponent

Hi all,

I have an AnimatedAppComponent that I want to place on top of another component. The problem is I need this animated component to be transparent - the background of the parent component is a gradient, so a solid color won’t do. How can I make this AnimatedAppComponent “transparent”?

Okay, I think there’s a bug with the AnimatedAppComponent… The reason I asked this question is because my animated component had this glitching behavior:

But when I essentially create my own AnimatedAppComponent by doing the following:

class CircleSpinner : public Component, public Timer
    CircleSpinner() :
        startTimer(17); //(1/60 * 1000)

    void paint(Graphics& g) override
          //paint stuff...

    void timerCallback() override

    int getFrameCounter() { return count; }
    int count = 0;

The glitchy behavior goes away:

Not 100% if this is a bug, but it seems like it? Anyone know if I’m doing something wrong?