Treat BinaryData as file to make use of external library allowing to load data from filesystem only


I’m trying to integrate an external library in JUCE, which only provides a function to load data from the filesystem (i.e. no public function to parse data from an array). As the application should be compatible with desktop OSes as well as Android / iOS, I would like to make use of BinaryData instead of handling the different file systems via defines (e.g. JUCE_IOS, JUCE_ANDROID, etc.).
So is there a workaround to treat BinaryData as a file (e.g. loadFile(BinaryData::file)?

No, I don’t think there’s a utility like that. You could try writing the contents of the BinaryData to a TemporaryFile, and then load that file with the third-party library.

Ok, will try that. Thanks a lot for the quick reply!