TreeView OpenCloseButton

Is it possible to have the OpenCloseButton show even if there are no children below an item?

I am trying to build something that is like a PropertyPanel but with a list of items instead of PropertyComponents. 

The way I have t working is by creating a tree that is only two items deep. When I draw the first level items I set the background color. If there are no children, there is no OpenCloseButton and the background is white.

Is there a better way to do this?


You can probably do this with a LookAndFeel, perhaps?

I am overriding drawTreeviewPlusMinusBox. The problem is it is only called when there are subitems. This leaves the blank white space there.

I tried attaching a small jpg image here but it said "The file could not be uploaded."

Here is what this looks like. Since the Bind node has no children the drawTreeviewPlusMinusBox method is never called so i can't draw the background.

Any ideas?


Anybody have any idea how to fix this issue? Maybe there is a different way to do it?

In case anyone else has this problem i figured out the solution.

If you want your drawTreeviewPlusMinusBox  called no matter what you need to return true from mightContainSubItems. Normally you would do something like this


return tree.getNumChildren() > 0;

I changed it to this for my app


    int id = tree.getProperty("id");
    if (id == 0)
        return true;
        return tree.getNumChildren() > 0;