Trying to fix some "Studio One"-related bugs

Hey, I have a bunch of weird issues with my plugin release that only happen in studio one, so I was asking myself if someone here could help me with any of them.

  1. i made a custom cursor and draw it by calling setMouseCursor(cursor); in my components. well… it draws the default one in studio one.

  2. one person said that the plugin seems to create loud noise bursts of +600db. Seems to me like an array-access problem, but it doesn’t happen in other DAWs. What’s studio one doing differently? Also it doesn’t happen in my instance of studio one, which only makes it weirder.

  3. one of my testers said the plugin doesn’t even show up in the plugin lists of studio one.

  4. When I try to instanciate the plugin in my version of studio one it doesn’t show up in that general plugin list at the right, but for some reason it shows up as an option in the mixer inserts, as seen in the following video:
    In the video you can see, that it does find other plugin builds I made, so I must have made something weird in this one, but I just can’t figure it out