Plugin GUI does not show up in "Studio One"

Hello together,

i got the feedback that the GUI of my JUCE AU and VST plugins does not show up in “Studio One”:

The plugins seems to work in every other host without any problems. I also enabled carbon compatibility mode and do nothing special. I used the tip from 06.10.2009. My older carbon plugins, based on VST 2.4 seems to work with some smaller issues.
I think this is a studio one problem… maybe someone knows more about that?

Ok, it seems that Studio One is a new host with some issues/bugs in the 3rd party plugin interface:

“It is not uncommon to find issues with third party plugs specific to a new platform, such as S1…as we gain broad exposure we’ll have less and less of this, and it’s already not much of an issue.”

Nothing to do here :smiley: