Tutorial: Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin Part 2 no sound in host

I have followed the instructions but when I add the VST or VST3 plugin to the HOST for debugging I do not receive any sound when clicking on the piano. Should I be hearing something?

I have clicked the “test” to make sure I am hooked up the correct speakers and it came through no problem.

NOTE: After further reading… Do I need to send in an audio signal or does the keyboard generate the midi note? At this moment I only have midi input coming into my plugin, I do not have audio input setup on my development computer at this time. I have both output chanels on my plugin connected to the audio out module.

Thanks in advance

The example plug-in only changes the “volume” of MIDI notes - you’ll need something to generate audio from the MIDI before you’ll be able to hear it. See the following note in the tutorial:


Generating audio using the incoming MIDI notes will be covered in a future tutorial
(see Tutorial: Synthesiser using MIDI input). For now, please have a look at the audio
plugin demo, which is located in JUCE/examples.