Tutorial: Optimisation using the SIMDRegister class

Hey, I’m having trouble compile Juce tutorial: Optimisation using the SIMDRegister class. I’m using Juce 6.08, Mac and xcode. Has anyone had the same problem?

The interleaving/deinterleaving code was changed quite recently (the beginning of October 2021) so you’ll need a version of JUCE that is at least as new as that. I’d recommend grabbing the latest develop branch from Github (click “code” then “download zip”, or ideally pull the latest version if you’ve cloned JUCE using git) and using that instead of 6.0.8.

I’m on Mac 10.11.6, so I can’t run the latest JUCE version. Any chance you have the old code I can get? Thanks for your reply.

Yes, this is the tutorial code as it appeared before the SIMD update.

SIMDRegisterTutorial_02.h (26.0 KB)

In general we don’t support older versions of the framework. I’d strongly encourage you to update if at all possible, so that you are able to make use of new features and bugfixes.

Great - I’ll use this. Thanks for your help.