Tweak to getDriveFromPath routine

In certain parts of my code the results from JUCE(like FileChooser, or dropFiles) when the user drops a drive(instead of a folder or file) will give me a FullPathname of something like E: (no trailing )

Then if I try to getVolumeLabel it fails, below is the fix…

  String getDriveFromPath (String path)
		if (path.length()==2 && path[1] == ':') // current path is something like E:
			path=path+'\\'; // add a trailing \ for PathStripToRoot to chomp on
          path = (path + " ").dropLastCharacters(1);  // (mess with the string to make sure it's not sharing its internal storage)
        WCHAR* p = const_cast <WCHAR*> (path.toWideCharPointer());

        if (PathStripToRoot (p))
            return String ((const WCHAR*) p);

        return path;

Ok, thanks, I’ll take a look at that!