Two sliders hover popup issues

A) when given a parent, a slider’s hover popup is not at the right position.
to reproduce open the juceDemo sliders page, and replace :
setPopupDisplayEnabled (true, false, this);
setPopupDisplayEnabled (true, true, this);

run and hover the sliders and you’ll see that the popups have a wrong position.

B) those same popups are flickering if you set the mouse close to the border of the sliders, on the popup arrows.

to reproduce use s->setPopupDisplayEnabled (true, true, nullptr); and move the mouse at the right position :

I have another issue using the tip (not sure if that’s related to you recent commit).

hoverTimeOut only works with setPopupDisplayEnabled (true, true, nullptr);
if the popup is given a parent, then the time out won’t work (popup will show until you leave the slider while I expect it to disappear after 2 sec)

(tested in the demo app with setPopupDisplayEnabled (true, true, this))

Thanks, I’ve pushed a fix for the first issue here and there will be a fix for the third issue on develop shortly. It also reduces the flickering seen in the second issue but doesn’t eliminate it completely so I’ll take a look at that a bit more

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