Ubuntu Icon Bug

I’ve just encountered a bizarre bug with the icons; they load and stick to a single spot (a different one per GUI type). Is anybody else getting the same thing in Ubuntu?

Unity - icon always sticks to the top left with the demo:

Gnome - icon sticks to the top… middle-ish with the demo:

Just “reMaked” the executable… now the icon sticks to a different spot consistently.

Hmm… That’s the SystemTrayIconComponent… It used to work, but I guess Ubuntu’s new desktop system has broken it.

Yes, Ubuntu no longer supports these XEmbed type of systray icons, they are now just using app-indicators.
afaik Ubuntu while-lists Wine and Java based apps only now.

You should report a bug to Ubuntu about while-listing Juce based apps as well.

(I use KDE here, no problem at all with XEmbed systray icons)