Problem on ubuntu 11.0.4


Hi, guys!
I have a problem with the menu bar on ubuntu. With Unity on, which is the new GUI tool, I heard, but I don’t know exactly what it is, the menu bar inside a window doesn’t work properly.
In detail it just flickers when I click on it and falls silent, giving me the time to glance at the items. But I realized that with the window maximized it works happily!
I hope this helps you! :slight_smile:


Ah, I’ve not installed unity yet, but won’t be surprised if they’ve managed to break everything…


Geez. I’ve the same issue.
In fact, if you’re not using native title bar, it works.
Unity big change is that they are moving the application menu bar to the top bar on the screen (à la MacOS X), and share this between applications.
When you click on the menu, the menu pops up (likely with a specific flag Unity’s windows manager is intercepting), and disappear instantly (it’s just hidden, if you move your mouse on a menu item, it reappears).

I wonder if a “setUsingNativeMenuBar()” should be required too (so it works on both Unity and MacOS X and Windows).
That would impose dealing with a menu specific component peer.


Ok, after some painful digging in the virtually non-existing documentation, I’ve found this:
I guess that’s the best “documentation” to refer to, in order to fix Ubuntu’s version of Juce application.

If only Gnome developers would be smarter and start understanding that documentation is more important than the code itself, and start listening to user complaints before imposing stupid decision from a Linux hater, then, and only then the hell would freeze!