UI model

hi Jules,

while reading Martin Fowler’s essay about UI architectures here:

I wondered which pattern you think the Juce UI is closer to (Model View Controller, Model View Presenter…)

And what kind of synchronisation mechanism between Model and UI you’d recommand (Flow synchronisation, Observer synchronisation, data bindings…)

I find that the most difficult thing to do when relying on an application framework is to have a deep understanding of its design decisions in order to write code that really cooperates with it. Although I have succesfully done more than I thought I could do with Juce altely, I’ve found myself writing many big chunks of manual code in order to bind UI and Model. I’m almost sure there’s everything already there to automate most of it but I guess my understanding of JUCE isn’t deep enough yet.

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no answer?

Sorry, didn’t see this post first time round. It’s more of just a model/view rather than a model/view/controller. I’ve written MVC stuff before and it just seemed to involve an inordinate amount of typing… Although I guess that in a way the look and feel is the view, and the components themselves are the controllers, so it’s sort of an MVC.

ok thanks for the answer