Any suggestions for GUI / design books?

Hi all:

I am finally getting the hang of Juce, and am preparing my first audio plugin with GUI for release. I like the current look of the plugin, but I want to ensure that future plugins look and work even better.

Do any of you have suggestions for books on designing GUIs? These can cover coding suggestions (although I am unsure if books on, say, Qt are that relevant to Juce), design for interaction, usability, and so on. I am currently browsing “Grid Systems in graphic design” by Josef Muller-Brockmann as I type this, and it is very inspirational, but it deals exclusively with static words and images, not things that move and are designed to be moved.

Super plus bonus points for any books / websites that discuss design for touch interfaces.


Sean Costello

I don’t know any books offhand, but you might want to familiarize yourself with WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pointing devices) model for GUIs, and perhaps the OCGM (pronounced ‘Occam’-- Objects, Containers, Gestures, and Manipulations) model for NUIs (i.e., touch interfaces).

I had the older version of this:
And found it very useful.