Where to find juce tutorials on GUI application design?

Hi everyone,

I am a newer for juce GUI application design. The official tutorial is seems too simple.
Where could find more juce tutorials on GUI application design?

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There are quite a few GUI tutorials on https://juce.com/learn/tutorials under the “Graphics” and “Interface Design” categories.

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There are also a slew of useful videos on the JUCE YouTube channel from old ADCs, including:

(from Vlad’s video I learned that I had been doing some things in… sub-optimal ways.)

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Adding to the great suggestions the question:

  • are you asking about the design aspect? (UI/UX and graphic design?)
  • or about how to implement a specific design, like laying out your components?
  • or how to achieve specialised look and feel of your UI widgets?

Your question could go in complete different directions…