Useful books, resources for creating Components in Juce?

Hi all:

I’m venturing into the GUI side of things, after focusing on the audio DSP side for the last 10+ years. I want to create some custom LookAndFeel settings for Juce, and possibly my own user interface Components. However, I know little to nothing about how graphics primitives work.

Does anyone have any recommendations for books or online resources that would help me in learning how to create my own “interactive shapes”? I recently bought a book on Processing, which has some useful explanations on how some basic shapes are drawn. Would an OpenGL reference be useful? Is there any general textbook on graphics, or (hopefully) GUIs, that would help?


Sean Costello

There’s nothing juce specific. There are hundreds of books on user interface design, of course. I’d recommend ‘Designing Visual Interfaces’ as a root (Mullet & Sano), but you should browse in a big bookstore too.

What is hard to find is answers to questions like ‘how do I make a glass effect’ that comes up when you’re using juce primitives (graphics object) to draw controls. You can look at the juce code itself, but the best places seem to be Photoshop web sites - see what the visual trick is to make a control look the way you want, then translate it to the drawing tools you have.

As for what shapes you can draw, that’s not too bad, the class docs will get you most of the way there. There’s only 4 or 5 shapes, then you get into paths. You could experiment with a vector art program to get a feel too.