UI painting issue Studio One Juce 7

Hi, anyone come across slow UI updates in Studio One when moving to Juce 7? All other DAWs seem to be fine. Pulling the last Juce 6 commit fixes the issue.


What operating system is this on? What version of Studio One?

We’ve been seeing slow-GUI issues in Studio One 5 on MacOS with JUCE 6 for a while now.

I currently suspect there’s an issue of priority inversion on the juce::OpenGLContext render thread caused by locking the juce::MessageManager to draw the juce::Component hierarchy when the main thread is busy in big sessions. We’re still investigating and haven’t reached out to PreSonus yet (and could also be totally wrong :slight_smile: ). Symptoms are simply the frame-rate dropping from a steady 60fps to as low as 8fps.

Are you also using the juce::OpenGLContext to render Components?

Also reported here. I think there may be two issues in the mix as neither of these reports mention OpenGL.

Studio 1 5.

MacOs Monterey - not sure about Windows or other versions of MacOs.