Unable to build plug-in on macOS

Apparently out of the blue, I’m unable to build a plug-in using Xcode. I’m using JUCE 5.4.4, Xcode 10.1 (10b61), macOS 10.13.6. If I create an Xcode project using Projucer, Xcode complains: “-fobjc-weak is not supported on the current deployment target” It built fine last week!

I’m bumping this because I’ve had no response. I’ve been unable to build my plug-in on Xcode for nearly a full month. Help!

Maybe you have chosen an unsupported deployment target. What deployment target did you choose?

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Hi! I’ve currently got the base SDK version and deployment target both set to default. I’ve tried various deployment targets down to 10.7 but still get the same error.

In the project and target settings in xcode, have you tried going to the Build Settings and searching for “-fobc-weak” ?

Nothing comes up if I search the Build Settings.

I updated JUCE this morning and rebuilt my project - oddly, the first time I tried building it, I got the usual “Build Failed” popup error, but it seemed to continue working in the background and it actually built the AU… Subsequent attempts to rebuild the AU, or build the AU3, VST and VST3 versions have failed.

This sounds like the Xcode Legacy Build System isn’t being used (-UseModernBuildSystem=NO)
So far as far as I know it is still needed to keep JUCE building properly.

So I selected “Legacy Build System” in Project Settings, but it doesn’t make any difference.

In case it’s of any use to anyone, I’ve managed to fix this problem. It turned out that Xcode was somehow using old pre-Juce project data. This was happening even though I deleted the build folder created by Juce numerous times, and the project had already been successfully built using Juce months ago. I had to ‘physically’ prevent Xcode from loading old files by zipping the old versions.