Issue running the example plug-ins - RESOLVED


I’m trying to use JUCE to write my own plug-in in Xcode Mac OSX. I’ve managed to build the Plug-In host, although I did have to change the Deployment Target to 10.10 (as it defaults to 10.11 which I don’t have). I then tried building the example plugin ‘JuceDemoPlugin’. It builds fine, but when I scan for new VSTs it gives me an error that the demo plug-in has failed to load.

I notice that there is a JuiceDemoPlugin exectutable, so I try to run that, and it says the exe is built for OS X 10.11, even though I’ve set the Deployment Target to 10.10. That would suggest that’s why the VST’s aren’t loading either. Is there another setting I need to change somewhere?

I see that Base SDK is set to ‘No SDK (Latest OS X)’ is this forcing it to compile to 10.11 somehow?


Thanks in advance!

Here’s the SDK option I mentioned

I think I’ve resolved this actually. If I use Projucer to change the build target, rather than setting it in XCode, it seems to fix the issue. It clearly sets some other attributes in the Xcode project that I couldn’t find. Not sure which they are though…

Yes, you should use the Projucer to change this option. The reason why it’s not working for you within Xcode is because you are only changing the SDK options for one of the build targets - you need to go through every target in your project (SharedCode, VST, …) and change this setting. The Projucer will do this for you.

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Thanks, Fabian!