How do you debug VST/AU not showing up for Mac user?


How do you debug VST/AU not showing up for Mac user?


Without hiring additional developers I think what I’ve suspected from just reading the headline is the actual reason you’re getting many reports :wink:

Inspecting your binaries:

Load command 7
  cmdsize 16
  version 10.11
      sdk 10.11

Anyone with macOS below 10.11 will fail to get your plug-ins up and running!

Simply, set your .jucer project to target 10.7 if you want the broader libc++ capable minimal target.

Also, add Minimum Requirements to your page. users might still bug you even if they’re not within the required specs but it will get off some users :wink:

Cool plug!


uggh really, I thought I switched that because at first the plugin wasn’t even loading on my mac! So I switched to 10.7 then it started working. Also a 10.12 user reported it wasn’t working.

I don’t see how in the jucer to target a different mac version.

In any case it would be nice to have a developer on hand for future projects.

Edit: Why is “TARGETS (All)” still set to 10.11?


Well, I quadruple checked to ensure it was set to 10.9 this time (10.8 doesn’t support std::function), and that solved the issue. I’ll see if I can get rid of std::function moving forward.


Anticipating the same problem on my projects, I searched for this setting. I couldn’t find it. Can you hint where it was located?


how to set osx deployment target:


I have my Deployment Target set to 10.7 & std::function works fine(?). Perhaps you need to change your C++ Language/Library settings?


oh thanks ill try that.


We have recently added an OS X 10.5 compatible std::function replacement, which will only be used on older version of OS X, so you’re now free to use std::function everywhere without breaking compatibility.


you can do that? haha wow ok.


Why not? std::function is just a library class.


How do you debug a vst not showing up for someone on mac?


@Elan_Hickler I’d first try and get their crash logs available from Utilties/ (User Reports).

In addition suggesting rescan and knowing how to rescan per each host is vital since many hosts once they mark a plug-in don’t provide an easy way to rescan it.


Could you explain a little bit more? I am not a mac user so I have no idea. You open, then what? Is there a log file called “User Reports”?


Would you mind either starting a new thread or renaming that one? This thread keeps popping up and is not a bit related to the title…





Thanks. Sorry for bothering :wink: