Unable to load File with DirectShowComponent

Hello, I have been trying to play some video in my app.

So far I have tried selecting a File with a FileChooser and putting the result into a DirectShowComponent via loadMovie. Unfortunately, I keep getting "false" on the return. It appears to fail in the "graphBuilder->RenderFile" call at juce_win32_DirectShowComponent.cpp:323. But I don't understand what that really means.

I am attempting to play a H.264 mp4 file. The code works with audio files just fine. But I have not succeeded with any video.

DirectShow is pretty hopeless with the range of files it supports - you probably need to install a codec for that.

Thanks, that did the trick. I installed the k-lite codec pack and video runs fine now. I guess I was thrown off because media player worked just fine so it seemed like the codecs were already installed.

It might be nice to have a comment somewhere in the code or the docs suggesting people install codecs if they run into the same situation.

Can't believe we're in 2014 and I still need to install codecs on windows. Ridiculous.

Yeah, it's pretty silly. I'll see if I can add a comment somewhere to help explain that.