Unable to quit or kill application

Hi all,
I have a problem when debugging some of my juce applications.
Sometimes (mainly when it crashed), the application don’t quit properly and it is not possible to kill it.
The icon stay in the dock and I am not able to launch it again. The only thing I can do is to press the reboot button of my computer.
I don’t know if it this comes from my apps or juce or xcode but I wonder if someone encounter this kind of problem and know a solution.

Thanks in advance


Well, if you do something that goes into an infinite loop, then of course it’ll lock up. Are you not familiar with the joys of pressing alt-cmd-escape?

Yes I am familiar with it but it doesn’t work very well on a Mac :slight_smile: (in fact it works I misunderstand with the ctrl+suppr onwindows).
Even the the kill command doesn’t work and the system is unable to kill the app. If I was in an infinite loop, and I found it I it was the case, the system would be able to kill it.

Well, I don’t know what you could possibly do to jam it that badly, unless it’s a driver level problem (e.g. maybe you’re putting it into an infinite loop in the audio callback or something?)… If you can figure out where it’s getting stuck, I’d be interested to hear about it.

Yes, I’ll tell you I I find the cause (and the solution) of the problem.