Undefined reference to ARAHandleAssert & ARAValidationFailure on Linux

On Linux using CMake with GCC 9.4.0 with JUCE 7 (7eb99ed8ec8c514517fc01d641eb586af7905a33) and ARA_SDK 2.1.0 (e87afbd2dd2693937bc9795b6b5ae87460fa8c1f), the compilation of my plugin generates several “Undefined reference to”:
.../ARA_SDK/ARA_Library/PlugIn/ARAPlug.cpp:305 : référence indéfinie vers « ARAHandleAssert »
.../ARA_SDK/ARA_Library/PlugIn/ARAPlug.cpp:938 : référence indéfinie vers « ARAValidationFailure »

There is no issue on Windows and macOS and it used to work on Linux with Celemony’s JUCE fork. I’ll do further tests now with the demo plugin from JUCE but if you have already an idea of what might be the problem, it would be helpful.

I might be confused but it seems that ARAPluginDemo is not compiled on Linux… is there any reason for that?

ARA is not supported on Linux at the moment, although it might not require major changes to enable proper compilation there.

Do you intend to use the ARA functionality on Linux too, or would it be sufficient to compile an otherwise ARA enabled plugin but use it without the ARA extensions?

I need to use the ARA extension on Linux. It works well with Celemony’s JUCE fork, here is the result in Reaper for instance :slight_smile:

I’m currently migrating from Celemony’s JUCE fork to the official JUCE 7 so I could benefit from the recent updates and changes.

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JUCE doesn’t belong to ROLI for quite some time already. The GitHub repository is now hosted in its own organization: https://github.com/juce-framework/JUCE

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Indeed, I edited the comment. Anyway, https://github.com/WeAreROLI/JUCE links to https://github.com/juce-framework/JUCE so it works the same.

Hi attila,

I just stumbled across the same issue here:

That means +1 from my side for ARA support on Linux! Definitely looking forward to it.

Could you, if you find the time, add platform requirements to JUCE/docs/ARA.md? Maybe by this we can avoid that others spend time on trying to compile it on Linux, until the Linux compatibility is implemented. :slight_smile:

ARA compilation on Linux is now enabled on the develop branch

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For the record, I just tried on Ubuntu 20.04 with Reaper and the plugin is loading fine! I can play and modify the sound :wink: Thank you!