UndoManager question

I’d like to have a visual editor for the UNDO manager, a list of transactions and actions in them (something like GIMP has or Photoshop i think).
I can fetch the list of actions in the current opened transaction, is there a way i can fetch the list of transactions and actions for them (assuming that the
amount has never passed the limits imposed on the UndoManager)

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It’s a good request, and accessors to do that could probably be added pretty easily, I guess.

I was implementing the basic undo stuff and i hit a dead end. I’m using ValueTrees a lot and the PropertyPanel class to manage them. I was wondering how can i use UndoManager with that. The PropertyPanel uses the Value() class it does not pass through setProperty() (witch has the UndoManager pointer parameter). How do i record those property changes ? Do i need to re-implement all my PropertyComponents? i have a few of those custom built.

When you get a Value with ValueTree::getPropertyAsValue, one of the parameters is your UndoManager, so that’ll be used by any property components that work with that Value…