Unexpected behaviour using arrays of input streams


I’m starting to dig my teeth into Soul and it’s really fun but I’m a bit stumped by this here:

Why is there only noise on the right channel? Why is input in[0] in processor Join silent?


Hmm, looks like we’ve got some kind of bug there, it shouldn’t do that! Thanks, we’ll take a look!

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Yes, thanks for spotting that one - i’ve made a fix and will get that out in a bit to the website

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Awesome, thanks for the quick turn around!

The fix is out on the website (our command line binaries won’t include this fix till the next release), and your example now behaves as you’d probably expect.

The backend compiler seems to be running slowly at the moment, I think it’s related to the cloud infrastructure we’re using, but we’ll get that resolved once we work out what’s going on :slight_smile:

Thank you, it’s running nicely and as expected for me now!

However, when I switch in[0] and in[1] in Join (like so: https://soul.dev/lab/?id=df2ff570cee8885a62651abc848c2d68), noise is only on the left channel?

Edit: Scratch that, seems like I had that version cached and the old version played back. It’s all working as expected! Thanks again!