Unhide Mouse Cursor on Velocity-Sensitive Slider dragging

I'm just wondering if there's an easy way to unhide the cursor when performing a velocity-sensitive drag on a slider. I can understand why you'd want this behavior sometimes, but it seems like it should be something that you can switch on and off.



So I changed this behavior in the Juce_Slider.cpp code and I see why you would never really want the mouse to show with this kind of dragging :P. When your mouse cursor winds up half way across the screen while slowly moving the slider, it really is quite unpleasant!

However, let's say I wanted to change the code to move the mouse cursor at the same rate as the slider... I'd imagine I'd have to change the behavior of the handleVelocityDrag function in the Slider class. But since Slider is a pimpl, the only way I can think to do this is to create a copy of the entirety of Juce_Slider rather than overriding the specific methods I'd like to.

What's the reason for Slider being a pimpl (as far as I can tell the only widget that is so)?