Mouse Same Position While Dragging Slider

In JUCE, is there any way to make the mouse stay in the same position while you're changing the value of the slider? I was just using Native Instrument's Replika and I noticed that the mouse doesn't move when you drag the knob. This has a huge advantage because you don't risk having the mouse "hitting" the edge of the screen and having to stop, click, and drag some more. For audio plugins, you usually want the sensitivity of sliders (especially for filter cutoff or something) to be high and you want to be able to adjust the sliders in one drag, no matter where the plugin is positioned on your screen. I'm hoping that JUCE has already handled this problem, but if not does anyone have any ideas of how you can do this?

Yep - try the setVelocityBasedMode() method - if you enable it, it hides the cursor and lets you keep dragging in any direction.

Awesome! Can you make it to where it doesn't have the other velocity mode features? I just want it to have that one.

The way the mouse disappears and let's you drag how far you need is exactly what I want, but I want it to move the same amount no matter how fast I drag it. Also, I like how the slider like stops if you keep dragging past the min/max values. Like with a vertical drag slider, if you reach the minimum, keep dragging down, and drag back up it'll increase the value of the slider as soon as you drag back up. By default, the slider doesn't do that (which really annoys me). I'm hoping there's some way to just get the characteristics I want.

It might be worth making a function that gives the mouse just that functionality. I do t know if other people want that, but I think it's a really useful feature. I can't tell you how many times I've had to move the app's window so I can change parameters without interruption.

Are you not just looking for MouseInputSource::enableUnboundedMouseMovement?

Awesome! That seems like exactly what I want. I'll have to test that. Do you know if you mouse position stays in the same spot after a mouse up? Also, what about that other behavior I mentioned when you drag past the min/max values of a slider? Hopefully I can test it soon. Thank you!


Im hoping I can figure out how to use this, but could be kind of enough to point me in the right direction for how I would use this with a slider? I'm still learning JUCE and I'm afraid I won't be able to figure out how to use it.