Slider, enableUnboundedMouseMovement when not snapping to mouse position

For now enableUnboundedMouseMovement (with hidden cursor) is set when the slider is in velocity mode.

Would you consider to always set it for linear sliders that are not snapping to mouse position (setSliderSnapsToMousePosition (false)) ?
Cause in this case, it’s not a 1:1 movement with the mouse.

so that would be adding something like that in handleAbsoluteDrag() :

if (! snapsToMousePos && (style == LinearHorizontal || style == LinearVertical || style == LinearBar || style == LinearBarVertical))
    e.source.enableUnboundedMouseMovement (true, false);

Sounds like a sensible request… My only reservation about doing this would be that people may have created custom slider look-and-feels where this would suddenly make it behave incorrectly.

ah yes… I can’t think of a look and feel where hiding the mouse would really be a problem, but I guess that exists yes.
I will do the call to enableUnboundedMouseMovement from somewhere else then. thanks Jules