Unknown type name 'MidiBuffer'

Xcode 12.2
Projucer v7.0.5
macOS Catalina 10.15.6

“Unknown type name ‘MidiBuffer’”
I get the above error when attempting to build a simple .midi processing plug-in in Xcode. I tried including “juce_MidiBuffer.h”, but Xcode is unable to locate the file.

In the Projucer, my plug-in is set up with both the MIDI input and output characteristics.

Depending on how your project is set up, you may need to preface the namespace, i.e. juce::MidiBuffer.

You shouldn’t need to include any juce headers directly, if you have #include “JuceHeader.h”.


Yeah almost certainly this. It’s also quite common to get a lot of these errors when adding someone else’s JUCE code to your project.

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