Unresolved Symbol: _DllMainStartup

Hello, (I’m not native speaker of English, so I may write some inappropriate words. Sorry.)

I’m trying to develop my VST plugin, using Projucer v7.0.10 (12 Feb 2024) and Visual Studio 2022 v17.7.0.

Somehow, my VST plugin, named Test, wouldn’t build. It says that External symbol _DllMainCRTStartup is not solved (外部シンボル _DllMainCRTStartup は未解決です), from Test_VST3 Project.

How do I solve this? I haven’t modified any code from template except the config in jucer (to make it a VST plugin).

Source code: Builds.zip - Google Drive (I’m new user so I can’t attach directly in this forum)

I was making Project using Application/Audio Template, not Plug-In/Basic.
As my codebase is not large, I decided to delete my current project and create again.