Update coming soon

Just wrapping up a big update; should be ready this weekend.



Just wrapping up a comment about it. Should also be ready this weekend.


Keep em coming!

Sorry, everyone; I’ve been out sick and am still catching up. Lots of changes since the last update; the bulk of the work has been optimizing the renderer to avoid unnecessary drawing or transforming.

New stuff

  • Better support for creating custom typefaces and images as static variables for plugins

  • Enabled Direct2D device context multithreaded mode

  • Multiple small optimizations to avoid applying transforms whenever possible (should more closely match the software renderer)

  • Added a ColourGradient cache

  • More extensive ETW tracelogging

  • Added GPU-accelerated drop shadow and glow effects

  • Added support for TextLayout glyph runs


  • Reworked the clipping region to more closely match the software renderer

  • Fixed positioning issues with gradient and image fill brushes

  • Fixed issues with creating copies of images, sizing for clipped images, and DPI scaling for software images

  • Changed clipRegionIntersects to check for intersection with each individual rectangle in the clip list rather than the overall bounds of the clip list

  • Fixed the DXGI format for single-channel bitmaps

  • Added DXGI format check for drawing images

  • Simplified the clipping layer stack

More to come.