Updates to dRowAudio

Just an fyi for those who use dRowAudio; since it isn't being maintained, I've had to fork it to update it.


Several notes:

  • I couldn't get cURL to link correctly on Windows (yet).
  • I'm working on Windows exclusively; don't be surprised if my fork doesn't compile elsewhere (yet)!
  • Open to pull requests!
  • The paths are really broken. I noticed there are two juce_module_info files (one for the user to use, and one for the demo/internal projects to use?), and the demo application doesn't get correctly registered module file paths.
  • All internal projects have been updated with the latest Introjucer.
  • All internal projects have as many exporters setup as possible.

I managed to get cURL to compile and link on Windows, but soon realised that this is a can of worms.

To ensure that cURL works between the various Visual Studio versions, not only is cURL needing to be built for release and debug; but for every platform toolset (e.g.: v110 and v110_xp) seperately, every architecture, and project run-time library (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/2kzt1wy3.aspx).

Oh yeah; the Visual Studio pdb files for cURL need to be tagged along the debug .lib files so you can link without warnings.

Now I remember why I hate static and dynamic libraries for projects...


I didn't know this lib, It looks very interesting, especially the fft classes. Just now I'm dealing with a frequency/phase analizer to measure real gear and compare with my plugins. Now I'll get to explore the lib :)