Updating buttons and menus belonging to just a single CommandID?

I've been looking at my code, and I do the following an awful lot - update the status (checked, disabled) of one CommandID, and then call menuItemsChanged() and commandStatusChanged(), which update everything?

It'd be great if there were a way to just update ONE CommandID, so Juce didn't have to recompile the world every time.  

(Oh, and do I really need to call menuItemsChanged()?  Probably not - but then under what circumstances SHOULD I call menuItems changed?  Only when the actual menu entries are different?)

Well.. The listeners that will react to that callback should check whether the changes actually have any effect on them before doing any expensive operations, so it's probably not a problem to call it fairly often.

menuItemsChanged() should be called when items on your menus may have changed state, as I think on OSX the menu items are created when they change, not when the menu is actually shown. But it should still be a pretty cheap operation - if you do see any performance hotspots, let me know and it might be tweakable.