Updating slider textBoxTextColourId

I’m having some issues updating a slider’s textBoxTextColourId on the fly. It works fine when I create my slider:

slider.setSliderStyle (Slider::LinearBarVertical);
slider.setColour (Slider::textBoxTextColourId, Colour::fromString (CabbageWidgetData::getStringProp (wData, CabbageIdentifierIds::fontcolour)));

But if I try to update it later it doesn’t work. LookAndFeel_v2::createSliderTextBox() is being called, but the values I set for Slider::textBoxColourId are not being passed to it. I’m obviously making some kind of rookie mistake here? Anyone?

Please don’t waste your time on this post! I just tried some simple tests there and I am definitely doing something wrong on my end! I’ll sort it out.