Updating the UI during automation


I’m at the moment working on a JUCE Audio Plugins and managed to create the interface well using the JUCER.
I have at the moment a list of parameters that are changed the way they should be when moving a slider for example (level fader). However, during an automation on this parameter via Reaper for exemple, I now wish to update the GUI (the level fader on the Plugin should move on its own).
Looking through the JUCE Demo, I’ve found out that I could do this using the TimerCallback, but isn’t it a more simple way to do this, using Slider listeners maybe?
Yeah, I’ve also tried to set the value of my fader inside my setParameters() method but made my program to freeze.
Any ideas?

Thank you for your work

Actually, the timer isn’t really an option because it makes the Touch Automation act not the way it should. Any different solution?

Usually I’m using AsyncUpdater, or Component::postCommandMessage if I need to update a selection of sliders instead of the wholeUI…

Just take care to avoid looping preventing controller component signaling value change on software update. SetValue (or similar) have an argument for that (for example sendUpdateMessage).