URL::DownloadTaskListener progress not showing if total is greater than 4 GB

When using URL::DownloadTaskListener to monitor the progress of a URL::DownloadTask, the callback virtual void progress (DownloadTask* task, int64 bytesDownloaded, int64 totalLength) sets totalLength to 0 if this value is greater than 4294967296, in other words, if downloading a file greater than 4 GB there’s no progress bar.

Anybody else having the same issue? Juce 6.1.6 last develop build.

Apparently the issue is in juce_win32_Network.cpp at line 165:

int64 getTotalLength()
    if (! isError())
        DWORD index = 0, result = 0, size = sizeof (result);

        if (HttpQueryInfo (request, HTTP_QUERY_CONTENT_LENGTH | HTTP_QUERY_FLAG_NUMBER, &result, &size, &index))
            return (int64) result;

    return -1;

DWORD = unsigned long = 32 bit.